Land of Tulips EDP 95ML Wooden Box


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Limited edition collection in a luxurious gift wrapping. A precious gift for special people.
The bottle is made of the highest quality glass, hand-polished and decorated with a corporate logo. It is decorated with a hand-made pendant in the form of a coin from the Sak burial mound of the Bronze Age, which depicts the symbol of the fragrance.
The set includes a lady's silk neck-piece with the corresponding theme of 65 * 65 cm size. The neck-piece was created by the Kazakhstani designers for AURA OF KAZAKHSTAN.
The bottle is packed in a wooden box hand-made from the valuable wood species.
Each box contains a vintage card dedicated to the fragrance, with a description in 3 languages.

The bottle volume: 95 ml
Total weight: 1200 gr
Box dimensions: 14,5 * 22 * 8 cm

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